Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gestalt Therapy Video: Relationship between therapist and client as the source of healing

A Fresh Look at Gestalt Therapy

An Intimate Professional Development Training Series with Michael Reed PhD

Gestalt therapy is among the earliest and most enduring psychotherapeutic approaches which are grounded in the relationship between therapist and client as the source of healing.

Informed by contemporary perspectives of the human condition and evidence-based findings, ‘A Fresh Look at Gestalt Therapy’ will examine the underpinnings of current Gestalt therapy theory, methodology and practice. This training will demonstrate the application of Gestalt Therapy to key health issues confronted by counsellors and therapists in their practices.

What makes this training so unique is you will witness live demonstrations of Gestalt Therapy between Dr. Reed and volunteer participants using video-conferencing technology.
The program has been designed to ensure both structure and flexibility to maximise the learning experience and capture the spontaneity of the moment.
Learning methods will include a blend of facilitator-led teaching and discussion, experiential exercises and demonstrations.
Participants will:
  • Gain a theoretical overview of contemporary gestalt therapy principles
  • Enjoy experiential learning on a personal level
  • Further develop an understanding of the relevance of Gestalt practice in addressing key concerns associated with present day mental health needs.

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